National Consortium on Violence Research
A research, training, and data resource specializing in violence research.
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NCOVR Data Center
General Information

NCOVR's Data Center provides web access to a variety of data sets that contribute to the understanding and measurement of violence. The data are provided in a format that allows users to extract individual records or summary measures for user-specified aggregates of the data. The collection includes:

  • UCR offenses and arrests reported to police

  • NIBRS incident-based police reports of offenses and arrests

  • NCVS national victimization survey data

  • SHR supplemental homicide reports from police

  • Decennial census data

  • FISS firearm injury surveillance system data from emergency rooms

Two web-based tools are available for accessing the data. Powerplay provides flexible access to “data cubes” that users can manipulate using point-and-click and drag-and-drop tools to aggregate or disaggregate data and focus on particular areas of interest. Discoverer is a menu-driven, ad-hoc query tool that allows users to customize an extract file that includes user-selected variables and conditions imposed on individual records or on aggregate records that provide summary measures.

Both applications allow for links across distinct data sets. For instance UCR and NIBRS data on offenses and arrests can be linked to Census data based on geography codes for place, county, MSA, and state available in both data sets.

Users only need an internet connection and standard browser to access data with either tool.

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Getting Started

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